How Putin thinks Donald Trump is ‘in trouble’

The Washington Free Beacon reports that President Trump sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin via Twitter:

Russia has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself, it will be victorious.

“Means being forced”? What Putin wants from the U.S. is an attack on Syria. A large-scale ISIS attack would make Trump look like a fool for not taking further action, even if it involves sending weapons to al-Nusra – the brutal group of jihadis that most Americans wouldn’t want fighting our troops.

Of course, Clinton would do the same thing. In fact, she’s been doing just that for months, telling Fox News viewers that her priority as president is an “immediate air defense (from) Assad to protect not only the Syrian people, but the Syrian people themselves.” She further told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that she wants to “make sure we have boots on the ground, we have a credible opposition in the area.” And she insists there’s still no basis for war “when we have done everything that we can.”

Forget the belligerent or reckless. As a person, you can disagree with Clinton and still want to elect her president. Sanders or Johnson aren’t arguing for “stupid democracy.” They’re asking for a kinder, gentler form of government. As I wrote in an earlier post, they’re pro-democratic, not anti-democratic.

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