Iran deal, Joe Biden, the Iran deal – what we’re talking about

What’s going on?

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said he will keep a close eye on the next US presidential election, meaning he could return to the White House.

Back on the trail in mid-June, Joe Biden called Donald Trump a ‘moron’ for his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Now the two men have the chance to meet face-to-face.

Mr Trump is trying to get Mr Biden to join him in a meeting with Iranian leaders next week.

To do that, he says he’ll make sure Mr Biden doesn’t mention his past criticism of Mr Trump – such as calling the president’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal a “failure”.

At the same time, as Mr Trump makes progress in negotiations with Iran, it appears he is attempting to lure foreign powers away from the Iran deal.

So what’s next?

Despite some stinging comments over the last month from Mr Trump and his top aides, that may be hard to do.

Because he’ll face an uphill task trying to win the support of European countries, some of which continue to back the nuclear deal.

However, he could at least try to use more carrots to make a deal with Iran.

That means eventually lifting sanctions on Iran in return for certain conditions.

To get around that problem, the last administration attempted to weaken Iran’s economy by putting pressure on businesses.

Those businesses then worried about doing business there or moving goods across Iran’s borders.

However, that doesn’t seem to be working.

In fact, the UN Security Council warned last month about the damage this was doing to Iran’s economy.

Who’s involved?

Mr Trump has the capacity to make any deal with Iran possible.

But he also has the power to reject any deal.

As Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has said many times, Mr Trump has the power to isolate Iran and look for ways to undermine it.

That could be embarrassing for a US president who isn’t popular with some of America’s other allies.

But it could also attract the support of Republican voters, who want to see Iran isolated – as have the neoconservatives who created the Iran deal in the first place.

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