New York media take center stage in the state’s corruption scandal

Time has recently become something of a news network for New York’s inner workings.

For better or worse, Rupert Murdoch’s coverage has shaped the more narrow-minded aspects of the city’s media landscape. More recently, Stephen Colbert has opened new territory for the US late-night comedy format, relentlessly mocking Trump and New York politics, while Bill Maher has also recently taken aim at the city’s political machinations.

But, all of this attention paid to our seemingly intractable political world, as well as the ongoing coverage of the news, has led to the golden age of the Access Hollywood tape. Perhaps it is this rise in coverage of the New York pol that might explain why the state and federal prosecutors in New York decided to accuse former governor Andrew Cuomo of corruption. He has always seemed enamoured of the West Coast style of politics, which seems to lend itself to the famed schlock of Rob Lowe’s hit show, The West Wing.

And, because New York’s political culture is so so ingrained in those kinds of scandals, when Cuomo’s name came up in media speculation, headlines would inevitably headline an investigation into the then governor.

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