65% of Canadians are seriously considering changing jobs this year, poll shows

TORONTO — A survey conducted by cybersecurity company Symantec has found that 65 per cent of Canadians are seriously considering a job switch to a new employer this year.

The survey found job fears were more prevalent in Western Canada than the rest of the country, with 80 per cent of respondents from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan worried about finding a new job.

Cybersecurity expert Jason Manford says those aren’t surprising results as worries about the impact of the 2018 federal election have left those in British Columbia and Quebec especially concerned.

Manford says it’s in those regions that the survey found a higher chance of respondents being highly impacted by cybersecurity issues that would discourage them from pursuing a new job.

He says that’s common in professions including law, accounting and health care.

The researchers suggest current job seekers use the uncertainty as an opportunity to be more creative.

Twenty-five per cent of people who were interested in a job change said being able to pick and choose the best positions they take advantage of.

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