Solomons town at war with police

By Gareth Walker

BBC News, Honiara

Forty civilians were injured in rioting on the country’s west coast

A West Coast town remains at odds with authorities as the violence which has caused 40 injuries continues for a third day.

Heavy security personnel and army tents have been set up around the town of Honiara in an attempt to control the unrest.

But the violence is continuing, amid an eerie silence, with activists vowing to defy a military imposed curfew.

At least four businesses have also been looted, many more are missing.

Descent into chaos

A curfew has been imposed in the city’s centre and the police headquarters and arrest warrants have been issued for at least 31 people wanted for violent crimes.

A curfew in the central part of Honiara, lasting from 20:00 to 01:00, began on Friday afternoon.

This has been extended until 1500 local time on Sunday.

We’re sitting in our offices trying to work but these were people in our office when they started making me come to their office.

But as you can see, they were just shooting outside, so I said I was going.

But they have stopped me at my own gate and ask me why I went out. So I go to them.

What I’m seeing is this is a descent into chaos… When people went to sell vegetables, four people gave me a gun and told me to go out into the street and beat them up.

Meanwhile the Premier of Solomon Islands, Sir Garnet Fernandez, is due to visit Honiara after a visit to the capital’s airport.

He is likely to face demands for the resignation of his coalition partners who are at odds with the Government.

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