First, The NBA Playoffs, Then The MLB Playoffs, Now The E3 Kavik Jam in Los Angeles

(NASDAQ:ASHNB) Abercrombie & Fitch was founded in downtown St. Louis in 1962, but now is headquartered in Hollister, Calif. Abercrombie’s vision is to be a leading lifestyle brand, with an international footprint of retail stores, e-commerce, locations and licensing agreements. Abercrombie & Fitch Co., in partnership with GORE-TEX®, is celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary with special events, exclusive product offerings and a new logo.

GORE-TEX® makes products that combine both aesthetic and performance needs. GORE-TEX® GLUED®® brings about the finest of both worlds to those who look and live. GORE-TEX® is with us every day and with us through all things. GORE-TEX® GLUED® now comes as a stylish fashion dupe to Abercrombie & Fitch® style.

Three Flagship Stores Open:

66 Great Streets, 1st Floor

Boston, MA 02138

705 Michigan Avenue, 5th Floor

Chicago, IL 60603

(805) 948-1370

(608) 782-0044

Brooks Brothers runs on a tradition of selling quality and affordable apparel and accessories through brick-and-mortar stores and online.

In total, Brooks Brothers has 1,251 store locations in 60 countries around the world. And the clothier adds a new one every week.

Brooks Brothers and Penney stores open in Asia in 2019.

The New England Patriots tied the Denver Broncos in the AFC Conference Championship game on Sunday, with 20 second-half points in the third quarter alone. The score, the highest third-quarter total in Patriots playoff history, came to close a wild scramble by Denver’s offense for key first downs.

With the game tied, the game went to overtime at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski set the franchise’s single-season touchdown record with his 12th touchdown on Sunday. The touchdown went to Tom Brady.

We will give you all the coverage you need to celebrate the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New York Giants. Host Dan Bonner and reporter Bill Zwecker will be returning each week to the competition between the Saints and Packers.

For Super Bowl 52 we will interview 13 superfans and hear from the players. We will give you all the insight and analysis you need as the events unfold from Glendale, Arizona.

Bill will have a guide to the NFL World Championship.

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