I bought a Harley Davidson in 1985 — and now I ride the Seastar line

People drive for personal satisfaction, financial gain and lifestyle change, not just for sheer enjoyment. Let’s face it; “burnout car” doesn’t sound good, does it? Why would you drive a hot rod if you were bored by it?

You must be bored if you drive a lot of companies’ products for work and expect a private thrill now and then. That’s like someone who grew up in the Bronx but drives a BMW because he doesn’t like the old-souped up imports.

Why should only the cars you buy be business or recreation cars?

I’ve always thought that business and personal cars should be treated no differently. If you have a private car, you should be able to make use of it at work and at home. It is a very serious matter that we are already “dumbing down” the driving skills of young drivers on our highways. They are getting downright unsafe — with friends as passengers. My son has learned to parallel park by slamming his body in the door of the rear door. I am worried about teen drivers behind the wheel of the Model A. I’m afraid that the driver is in an auto racing environment in which every foot and turn is a “go at the 50 mph limit.”

I also find the push to get people to buy hybrid or electric cars controversial. Because that would require buying a lot of new cars — and this would entail a lot of carbon dioxide produced by cars and driving. “But we have to do it to be green” — as if good people do not care about climate change.

I recently went to great lengths to put my Black Patriot 200 in drive test, doing 10,000 rpm at 50 mph in a Red T and with an electric power steering, other changes that have probably resulted in additional downforce and loss of mileage. What are the chances that my new car is worth the extra $10,000?

It’s funny that these car companies made consumer products that are not automobiles. They would clearly include their cars as “personal vehicles.”

Jeff Mersereau is the president of ComStar Enterprises, LLC. He owns a Model A that was donated to NOMA.

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