Manchester United appoints members of its new 28-member advisory board

Tonight @ManUtd released the make-up of their new Fans’ Advisory Board. @MarioLopezShkreli is in there! 🗣💙 — Marjorie (@bymarjmorgan) October 19, 2017

Manchester United, the 16-time English national league champions of soccer, has unveiled a 30-member advisory board that will include Americans indicted by federal prosecutors on charges related to their unlawful use of prescription drugs.

President Trump commended United for their donation last month to his opioid-fighting initiative. United is the second football team of United States to have a full professional advisory board.

The board, which is comprised of representatives from across the United States, will advise the club on “entertainment, philanthropy, community investment, and player recruitment and retention,” United said in a statement.

The roster features 15 men, including American pharmacist and pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli; pharmaceutical professionals Martin Reddy and David Cooper; and pharmacist Andrew Darby, who was arrested in Florida in August on charges related to the widespread sale of potentially illegal drugs, the Los Angeles Times reported. Also on the board is musician Sir Paul McCartney, a longtime United supporter.

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While the full roster of members of the board is yet to be revealed, we do know that healthcare consultant Dr. Robert Weinstein, who is married to Dr. Husainul Islam, founder of McGill University’s Islamic Center in Montreal, Canada, and a pilot who is awaiting sentencing in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after admitting he lied to federal officials in a 2014 airlift from Malaysia. Dr. Islam, who flew the inebriated men, who were over the legal limit of alcohol consumption, out of Malaysia was also part of the advisory board and resigned after he was implicated in the clinic theft case.

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