Quebec: No police suspensions after second video shows cop assaulting citizen

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No police officers have been suspended in Quebec after a second video surfaced of a citizen saying he was assaulted by a cop there.

The latest video depicts a citizen, identified as Samir Baldassarri, walking from a restaurant along a street in a downtown area.

He is then approached by a man wearing a yellow jacket, seemingly in the role of a police officer.

In the video, Mr Baldassarri can be heard shouting at the officer about having put handcuffs on him.

“The truth came out in this case because the video came out,” Mr Baldassarri told Canadian television network La Presse.

The latest video has been watched more than 19,000 times on Facebook.

Protesters gathered at the courthouse on Monday to protest against what they described as excessive force.

Video footage of Mr Baldassarri’s arrest went viral last week after being posted on social media.

His tearful screams were recorded by others on the street and went viral on Twitter.

“I was shocked to see him [the officer] kick me on my back. I realised how bad this situation really was and how tired I was,” he told television network TVA.

In the video, a youth in a turban can be heard saying “There are other people there”.

Mr Baldassarri is seen yelling: “Everyone can have their opinion and say they’re been assaulted too.”

The Verte police force confirmed in a statement on its Facebook page it had also released a statement following the Verte incident.

It said the force had concluded it would be unable to investigate the incident without outside assistance and launched a review on the intervention of one of its officers.

It said it would make a decision on the “appropriate courses of action to be taken in such circumstances” after speaking to its independent law enforcement watchdogs.

The statement goes on to say no officer has been suspended in connection with the incidents in Verte.

The original video shows Mr Baldassarri being told to “stop yelling”, before being arrested by an officer and asked to raise his arms.

He was subsequently told to sit on the ground and put his hands behind his back by an officer who appeared to have his knee on Mr Baldassarri’s back.

The officer then stands and appears to kick Mr Baldassarri in the leg.

Allan Boileau, the head of the Verte police unit, said after the first video was posted that it was part of “an ongoing investigation”.

“We take these types of matters seriously,” he said.

He added Verte police officers were not recorded on video during the interaction with Mr Baldassarri.

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