Why the Raptors are hoping Dan Kane returns sooner than later

Dan Burke is back this week, following his 10-game suspension for illegal betting. (You know what to do: Buy some British poker tables!) This time around he’s pushing out a quick pitch for Dan Kane’s 6-2 record since taking over the job from Brett Brown. AnUniberty had surgery in mid-August to remove a bone from his ankle. His return is tentative at this point, but the Raptors need him. Kane has the team off to an awful start, and need a nice boost.

Some more stories Burke tweeted out the morning after the win over the Magic:

Hopefully @TamsenTraxx and the staff will put one of your girls in her first game soon. pic.twitter.com/vCuKfwCh92 — Ryon Bernard (@RyonBernard) September 2, 2018

Big shoutout to JV team that put in five relentless, scrappy minutes!! @RyonBernard @bk_markovic

* p.s. JV pick these guys up pic.twitter.com/fZq49nkmfk — Dan Burke (@BurkeOnTheNBA) September 2, 2018

I like Travis met 🤯

Coming off his 3 a games stint on Tuesday, it’s probably time to give @TahliaJGillan a look in the starting rotation. You won’t say enough about how essential she is on defence. https://t.co/JViiz46RnK — Dan Burke (@BurkeOnTheNBA) September 2, 2018

Nick Nurse threw out this end of Q2 idea for team. He says there are way too many non-shooters, as in, if we had any one who could shoot you win by eight more points per game. One way to get to a point where Nick says this is to take a lot of shots (and they better be good shots) and reduce the percentage of good shots (and they better be good shots). — Dan Burke (@BurkeOnTheNBA) September 2, 2018

Charlotte ranks eighth in the NBA in the rebounding department, so it won’t be easy to get blocks or get rebounds. A few things to watch for (ie: Gallinari) pic.twitter.com/rZGTAoxNk4 — Dan Burke (@BurkeOnTheNBA) September 2, 2018

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